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Joe Passarelli & Company values your privacy. Therefore, we will never sell or share the information you provide with third parties other than what we may need to provide our suppliers in order to process your orders. This includes your contact information as well as details about specific projects on which you may be working.

Any electronic information we collect for purposes of providing you with quotations or materials you may request will be kept on a secure server to protect it from use by outside parties. Joe Passarelli & Company and its representatives will use this information only for the limited purpose of processing and communicating with you regarding requests for information and expediting any orders you may place.

In addition to the uses mentioned above, your e-mail and/or postal mail addresses may be used to make you aware of news about Joe Passarelli & Company that we feel you would find beneficial. In the event you do not wish to receive such messages, please respond back when you receive one, advising us that you wish to be removed from our mailing list. We will make every effort to honor your request in a timely manner by removing your name and contact information from our promotional list.

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